The world needs your creative genius now more than ever. But you need support in integrating the skills and tools that will empower you to not only pay the rent, but thrive financially, spiritually and mentally. This program is here to help you do exactly that.

Here's what you'll get when you enroll today:

  • 18 hours worth of live group coaching calls - a $9,000 value. (Don't worry if you can't make it live. You'll have lifelong access to the materials.)
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group where I'll be offering support between calls - a $300 value.
  • Supplemental recordings to help you with exercises that we go through in the class so you can quickly access the tools that you need as you evolve in your journey - a $1,000 value.
  • A week-by-week workbook to help you prepare for class, take notes during class guidance on integrating that week's lessons in to "real life" - a $97 value.
  • Weekly challenges to further support you in challenging your limitations and support you in your growth - $1,200 value.
  • A community of like-minded creatives who are committed to support, growth and being part of a world-wide movement of breaking free from limitations and bringing beauty into a world that desperately needs it - priceless.

Here's why I'm offering all of that for such a low price:

I believe that we are in a period of history where the world is ready for massive change. Every day we're confronted by chaos that is filtering through all rungs of our lives: whether it's in our families, our communities or playing out on a world stage, chaos is endemic to our reality.

It's chaotic times like these where there is massive opportunity to create a "new normal."

And my mission is to show creative visionaries how they can create the kind of new normal for themselves where they no longer are beholden to corporate drudgery just to pay the bills. A new normal where "broke artists" are a thing of the past. A new normal where you're so clear on why you were put on this earth that you have the energy and focus to overcome any obstacle that's put in your way. A new normal where artists are regarded as a respected staple of society and are supported and respected the way they deserve. 

A new normal where people understand art isn't some kind of frivolty - it's what makes this world worth living in.

You get to be a part of this. And in order to rise to this apex point in history, you're going to need some really special tools - mental, spiritual and practical. And that's why I created this program.

What Clients Are Saying

Life Coach For Actors

"Let me be clear: Erin will not wave a wand and magically transform you into a superhero version of yourself who can’t help but produce perfectly formed artistic gems.  

Erin’s magic is more subtle, and ultimately more empowering. Erin walks beside you on a tour of your own heart and mind, allowing you to lead yourself to hangups you might not have even known were there, then asks just the right questions to spur you into a compassionate reframe and reclamation of personal power.  

It is still up to any client of Erin’s to keep up the work you start together, but working with her you will come away with a clarity of purpose and direction that will make the path easier to discern and, importantly, put into action." 

Nathan Bock, Actor, Hollywood, CA


 Discover Your Desires & Power. Then Step Up To Your Potential & Become A Prosperous Artist. The 12 week-schedule is:  

Week 1 July 10 Your Ideal Life: Total Clarity

Clarify what you want, why you want it and what your life is going to be like as a result of your hard work.

Week 2 July 17 Your Infinite Inner Power

Understanding the innerworkings of your mind and all your potential causes a huge shift going forward.

Week 3 July 24 Powerful Healing Of Your Past

Anything tying you to negativity from the past is blocking you from a bright future. Learn the tools to free you from your trauma.

Week 5 July 31 Aligned Decisions For A Beautiful Future

Implement the tools from the previous week to install beliefs and make decisions that will support you in reaching your next level.

Week 5 August 7 Life Mastery & Control 

Discover the only three things you can control and how to stop focusing on the things that you can't, channeling your energy in the most powerful ways possible.

Week 6 August 14 Your External World As A Feedback Mechanism

Learn how to use everyday life as a powerful tool that's simply mirroring back aspects of yourself, giving you powerful information about opportunities to grow and heal.

Week 7 August 21 The Three C's: Content, Consumption & Community 

Cultivate the three c's with intention to nurture the amazing new life you're embarking on.

Week 8 August 28 Overcoming Obstacles With Elegance & Ease

There will be obstacles along the path. Learn how to stay motivated and keep going no matter what is happening around you during an entire hour and a half of hot-seat coaching. 

Week 9 September 4 Becoming the CEO Of Your Creative Enterprise

To cash in on the unprecedented opportunities for creatives today, there's no getting around that it's time to be business savvy. 

Week 10 September 11 Your Creative Business Plan

This week, you'll determine the steps that are the right fit to help you get from where you are now to realizing your unique vision of the future.

Week 11 September 18 The Professional Toolbox & Code of Conduct

Websites, social media, email lists - how to sort through all the noise and determine what you need to establish the perfect professional presence.

Week 12 September 25 Covering Your Assets

Growing means protecting and handling your assets with care. We'll tie everything up this week with the practical how-tos of securing your creative empire.

In other words, you'll leave having everything you need to make more money doing what you love as a creative.

What Clients Say About Erin's Coaching

Life Coach For Artists

"If there is anyone out there who feels like their dreams are not realistic or that there is no way you could ever live the life you really want to, I strongly encourage you to reach out to this amazing woman! Erin Vazquez is a life coach who helped me completely change my life and develop the tools I needed to start pursuing my dreams of being an artist and I could not be more grateful! ❤"

~Jamie Davis, Artist, California

"I met Erin at a Tony Robbins event in San Jose, California. Erin was embarking on this new adventure to become a coach and as her new friend I wanted to support her in her new business and become her first client. What I initially thought of as me doing Erin a favor has turned into one of the greatest blessings of my life. Erin completely lives, breathes and fully embodies what she believes in. Erin is so committed to what she does that she has even made lifestyle changes to be better. So this "favor" that I did for a new friend I now see as me getting in on the ground floor of something huge. Not only is Erin so good at what she does, but she is fully and deeply committed to your success. I feel truly blessed to have someone in my corner that is so intelligent, skilled and cares at such a high level. Erin is truly committed to my success with me and that alone is incredibly difficult to find. I would recommend Erin to anyone who is very serious about success, because she will not let you fail."  

~Ted Rovet, Writer & Investment Strategist, New York

Life Coach For Creatives

Life Coach For Creative Professionals

"Erin is an excellent and experienced hypnotist and coach! Very professional, caring, and assertive. She didn't forget any details of our conversation, she was able to help me with an issue I had. I highly recommend her! I really enjoyed working with her!"

~Annarella F. Jordan, Health Advocate, Las Vegas

"It was great to have had the opportunity to do some with work with Erin. She was friendly and welcoming, which allowed me to be open and vulnerable in a safe environment.  

My session with her allowed me to dispel the limiting beliefs that dwelled within my subconscious. These breakthroughs gave me the clarity I needed to move forward towards achieving my goals.  

I’m grateful to have spent some one on one time with her. I highly recommend anyone who wants to take their lives to the next level to work with Erin."  

Kevin Paz Food and Beverage Manager of the Omni Hotel, San Francisco

Life Coach For Creative executives

Life Coach For Musicians

"I am so grateful to Erin. She helped me get past an emotional block with which I have struggled with my whole life. I'd discussed this problem many times, over the years, with other therapists and, of course, with friends who had tried to give me well-meaning but ultimately useless advice. I needed someone experienced who could use effective tools to help me discover my unhealed wounds and finally heal them for good. I never realized how many scarred events in my past caused me to self-sabotage my chances of being happy in the future! She uncovered memories I had suppressed. She worked through them with me and never was impatient or upset if I had a hard time getting myself to relax.  

I'm amazed at the insight and breakthrough that I have gotten from working with Erin. I feel an incredible sense of relief. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am eternally grateful to Erin for this. I have a new understanding of how I can move forward in life in a much more effective way. I feel empowered in a way which I never have around this issue. It is truly incredible for me to be able to move past this.  

Each session we had together got me one step closer to victory over this area of my life. Even after we'd come to a resolution (took about 3 months), she offered me a reasonable package where I can come in to check in with her every month to make sure things in my life were running smoothly. I always look forward to these monthly check-in's and it truly shows that Erin is here to help me achieve in every area of my life. I'm more than just a Client, I am a friend she actually cares about, which is often so rare to find within a life coach in this industry.  

I highly recommend Erin for anyone who feels helpless and lost in a certain painful area of their lives. Seriously, life is too short to continue living this way. Working with Erin has changed my life and I am so thankful our paths crossed.  

Thanks again Erin! You're the best!"

~Janet Rader, Writer, Las Vegas

"Erin has a way of letting you know that you are being heard. You can see her cutting through all the junk that is holding you back. She will not let you, or your unconscious, get away with anything negative or detrimental to your well being. She helped me clear some things out that I did not even know were impeding my progress, and things have been flowing ever since. I highly recommend that you work with Erin as soon as you can."  

Spike Spencer Actor and International Speaker, California 

Life Coach For Actors


I’ve never taken an online course. What can I expect?

Online courses are convenient, cost-effective and a way to learn skills that expand your horizons. You'll also be tapping in to a world-wide network of like-minded individuals. Everything will be delivered to your inbox and live coaching sessions will be delivered via Zoom so you can join from your desktop, tablet or phone. 

You can expect some major synergy and support that happens when you invest in being a part of a high-vibe tribe of people who are committed to the same path you are. You’ll learn many of the tools and techniques that I use with my one-on-one clients delivered in a way that you can take and make your own. If you ever get stuck, you can reach out to your Power Squad in the Facebook Group, tag me in your question, or submit a question for the weekly call. Reminders and materials will be delivered via email. The biggest thing to be aware of is that you are responsible for doing the work.

What if I’m not an “artist” per se, but I want to make a living off of a creative idea. Is this for me?

Yes, absolutely! This course is for anyone who is ready to create a life that they can live on their terms. That in itself, takes a lot of creativity and a willingness to open your heart to possibilities and opportunities that don’t make sense in the conventional world that you might currently feel trapped in. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, realtors, therapists and fellow coaches in addition to some bad-ass writers, musicians, actors, etc. Anyone with a good heart, willingness to do the work and a desire to live their life with creativity and joy is going to get massive value from this course. It doesn’t matter if you’re a traditional creative or if you’re rewriting the book on something that’s going to blow our minds. All are welcome.  

What if I fall behind?

Not a problem. You’ll have life-long access to the call recordings and homework prompts as well as any other materials or bonuses that I provide during the course. Feel free to go at your own pace.  

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes, absolutely! You’ll find three different payment options on this page. Just choose the one that works best for you.  

Do you guarantee specific results?

This course delivers principles and techniques that I’ve seen create transformations in my one-on-one clients over and over again. However, you are responsible for your own results; it is up to you to implement lessons, homework and tools offered. My promise is to show up, play all out and support the group. Because I cannot take responsibility for your actions, I do not guarantee results. 

Do you offer refunds?

I want this course to truly benefit you, and I have designed this to empower you to your greatest extent. If by the end of the second week, you don't feel like you're receiving value, I'll be happy to offer a full refund.

Words From A Client

Life Coach For Creatives

"I always look forward to my conversations with Erin. As a coach myself, I have had the pleasure to work with her various times and I keep coming back. She has a quick ability to pinpoint the crux of a situation, leaving us clear and focused on the solution with no wasted time. Erin has astounded me with her service, dedication and determination on getting results. It is clear to me that every time I sit with her I get things done. My work with Erin has me moving into a new direction with purpose and courage. I am a better, person, coach and friend since my work with Erin."  

Sara Garzon, Results Coach, Bogota, Colombia  


Hi, I’m Erin Vazquez, Master Certified NLP Coach, Hypnotist and Time Line Therapy™ Practioner.

I believe that the world is made better by the creative visionaries who live their truth and courageously create. That’s why I’ve made it my life’s mission to support artists, writers, musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, photographers and anyone else in the entertainment or creative industries build a solid foundation where they can shine and live their lives doing what they were put on this earth to do. Too often, I’ve seen people with singular talents give up on their dreams because of the competitive and often harsh nature of the creative industries. Even worse, I’ve seen people experience financial success in their fields, only to find out that without the proper inner work and alignment, they find that they are empty on the inside.  

I’ve seen both scenarios lead to devastating circumstances. On the less severe side it manifests as life lived in relative mediocrity with potential never realized. In extreme cases, the giving up on one’s self leads to disease, illness and death.  

This might sound severe. However, not only have I seen it in my clients but I lived that reality. I've suffered from severe depression and debilitating anxiety. I was lost and drifting, too scared to step into my heart's desire. 

Until I made some new decisions, invested in some coaching and took massive action, I was living my own personal nightmare on a daily basis. Once I learned the tools to create a life that dances in the beautiful intersection of freedom, creativty and prosperity, I made it my life’s work to help others do the same. I started my coaching practice in 2017 and since then have helped dozens of clients with my specialized inside-out approach to achieving the life that they were destined for. I believe in doing the inner work as a foundation for a healthy relationship with success, inevitable obstacles and the evolution that awaits all of us once we say yes to our true calling.  

It is then that you are able to be the light in the world that you were meant to be. It’s then that you will shine bright. That is when you’re a beacon of healing to the world simply by answering the call of your own journey.  

If this program and mission is calling to you in the slightest, I truly hope to serve you in the near future.  

Life coach For Creatives
Life Coach Tony Robbins
Life Coach For Creatives

Key Dates

12 weeks. 3 Modules. A New Power Squad. Inner Healing. Building A Business. Infinite Possibilities. 

Get Ready For Class ~ July 3

You’ll receive your workbook, Facebook group access, and call-in details! Your workbook will provide you with weekly exercises, but stay on your toes. Other exercises will be assigned as appropriate and needed throughout the course.  

This is when you can hop in the Facebook group and get acquainted with your new Power Squad. And before you know it, rubber is going to hit the road! 

Last Day For A Refund - July 24

Email and you'll have a refund issued in full, no questions asked. Please allow 30 days for refund processing.

Bonuses Delivered - July 25

Keep your eyes on your inbox: your bonuses are coming your way. This includes your Social Media Planner, Content Marketing Blueprint, and Artistic Abundance Attraction Hypnosis track suites

Schedule and subject matter for all modules subject to change.

To Sum It Up, You Receive:

  • 12 Live Calls with Q and A Coaching
  • Facebook group support in between calls from Erin Vazquez, Master Certified Coach
  • A workbook with valuable exercises and tutorials
  • Access to a private Facebook group for you and your classmates  
  • Lifelong access to all online materials for the course (calls, etc.)
  • Lifelong access to any upgrades or additions made to future editions of the class
  • A priceless community of like-minded people. You'll find at least one creative soul-mate who'll support you years to come. It's just how these things work!

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll be getting these badass bonuses:

  • The Artistic Abundance Attraction hypnosis suite (3 tracks worth $199)
  • The Creative’s Guide To Social Media (worth $49)
  • The Content Marketing Guidebook and Template (worth $99)

Life Coach For Creatives

"Like a slingshot, Erin was an essential guide along my journey of growth and reaching my goals! The techniques she uses continue to help me reach my monthly goals! Making the decision to hire a coach was a tough one for me, and there are so many to choose from, I am celebrating (thanks to Erin!) not only did I hire a coach, but hired the right one! I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to help me grow." 

Michelle Wilsak Entrepreneur, Founder of Admin To You, Las Vegas